Lux Foundry is a café in Brunswick that serves breakfast, brunch, lunch & barista made coffee, set in a contemporary warehouse with ample outdoor dining.

Located on Hope Street in the heritage listed site that was originally erected in 1891 for the Brunswick Gas and Coke Company. The large ovens were used to power up parts of Melbourne with lighting, hence the name Lux which means an illumination of light.

In 1906, Sir Robert Gibson purchased the site to form Lux Foundry, manufacturing their popular Lux brand stoves – we have 2 on display!
In the 1950’s, the site was taken over by Ferrier Company, who in the early 1960’s commenced operating as Craig & Seeley, and their CHEF brand ovens became a household name.
In 2009, Lux Foundry cafe began operating as a 7 day cafe and functions space serving breakfast and lunch 7 days a week.

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